What have I been listening to this week?

I tripped up to Bristol earlier this week to work on an exciting project with the talented Angus Morrice - I can't give away too much right now, but it's a long-term project that should breathe new life into some forgotten or neglected Somerset legends. I am really excited about this and preparations are going well. While we both took a break for lunch, Angus showed me a band that I am sad to have not discovered sooner - they're called Flipron and they're from just up the road from me in Glastonbury. Hard to describe genre-wise, they have a slightly creepy, retro sound, coupled with genius, wacky, intelligent lyrics. Here's Cerberus is as Cerberus does, a song which might make you feel slightly more sorry for the famous hell-hound than you did previously. They're playing at Glastonbury Abbey on 8th September and I am very keen to get myself a ticket. Enjoy!